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Welcome to the new trend of 360 photography, the innovative way to open up your world to your audience. I specialise in this medium and I offer the chance for you and your business to utilise this new method of showcasing your business, your products or your facilities to the world.


Black Country Living Museum


‘We are thrilled with the 360 Photography Sean has created of BCLM.  His attention to detail means he has captured every ounce of character each building, street or room possess.  Sharing these wonderful images with prospective clients for filming or venue hire is proving invaluable to us.  Fans of the Museum absolutely love seeing the odd one appear on social media for them to explore too.  Fantastic work!’


Kate Kirkpatrick, Business Development Manager, BCLM


IMG_5866-HDR Panorama-Edit.jpg
Doddington Hall Stairs

Level 1

20 Locations 
Post-Production creation
Technical Support


Level 2

40 Locations 
Post-Production creation
Technical Support

Under the Trees

Level 3

60 Locations 
Post-Production creation
Technical Support

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What are the benefits of 360 Photography?

  • Immersive insight for potential clients

  • Proven to have higher 'click-through' interaction rates from viewers

  • Eye catching for social media & website aesthetics 

  • 360 can open up a world to new audiences 


As part of the package we will develop the best way for you to
showcase your work to your audience.
This can range from online delivery via your website
or by a very portable VR headset.

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